Emotions and rain,
Why this door has to be opened?

No knock, one sign.
My heart jumped.
Not today, not this  Wednesday.

Why this door has to be opened?
I whispered.
Emotions and cold.

I postponed it.
My heart tightened
I played,
My mind is all over the place.

Why this door has to be opened?
Scattered movements,
Unclear speech.
Why today, why not tomorrow?

This door has to be opened,
Emotions and sun,
You came back,
Overflowing emotions, my feeling.

This door will open,
Torrents and cascades,
You came back and my heart is tighter,
Scattered movements.

Inertia, mine;
Squared emotions, cubic feelings.
It was meant to be today,
Not tomorrow, not yesterday.

Angels, my heart is painful.
My eyes have swollen,
My head is all over the place
I am without being.

My minds is travelling through months, years,
A decade wandering.
Closed doors, a few I reckon.

Shall I open them?
One by one, a decade passed and the keys are lost.
Old habits, these doors should be opened.

Angels, I open the door.
You were there.
You came back.
I am without being.
Cascades and torrents,
Squared feeling, cubic emotions.

22nd of March is today,
Not tomorrow,
Not yesterday.