Patriotic chants in every detours,

I can hear them.
Riots began way before the sunset,
Hurry up, don’t stay out!

Uniforms and matched berets roll in the abandoned  streets, ghostly city;
Don’t go out my love!

No clemency, out foreigners!

My faith has been knocked out.
Torn apart, I shrug the kids.
A tear, I can’t afford crying.
Be prudent, don’t go out.

Patriotic chants are still striking into the air,
Wrong place, wrong name?

Hope and beliefs,
At last.
Freedom flags start blossoming from  the skylights,
Sweet colours, true colours.
A rainbow of love,
Hands joined I believe it is  a chain of peace.
These chants, in my ears, are rays of sunshine

I have been prudent therefore I am.

Uniforms and berets are  lying on the floor,
Defeated, maybe!
Don’t wake them up!

My love, united there is no wrong name
United, there’s no wrong place.
Stay prudent, always!