Big Brother is watching

Grammarians, English language wardens I apologise…

I have started reading 1984 a few weeks ago in English. I read it in French at University. I’m sure a lot of people experience the same after learning a foreign language that the original version is always better than the translated one. A movie in the original version with subtitles is better than the French version. I hate French version movies in other languages. I am discovering George Orwell original writing and it is fascinating. I am a watcher, a nosy, a curious. My eyes go back to front. I ask questions. I want to know everything before making a decision. I won’t agree to commit myself without knowing what I am signing for. Yes I am a watcher, but I have been watched too. My performances have been controlled, monitored. My emails screened, eyes are checking on me. At the station, filmed on the platform, on the train, in the street, when I enter the building at work. I clocked in, sign in on my computer, sign out, clocked out. We are watched. Can you believe that all your correspondences, the professional ones or private ones, are read?  It is as if you were naked. Of course, you would like to share different things with others.  Who doesn’t like communicating! For example, you will discuss tissues with X and towels with Y, when you discuss scarves with Z. However, Big Brother grants itself the right to steal your tissues, towels and scarves stories at the same time. The fact is, he doesn’t need all the information: he needs only the socks! He will save the extra information and would perhaps use them when needed or when asked.

Big Brother is everywhere. Little Brother, Big Sister, Little Sister: all his relatives are on the look-out! In some businesses, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the way people act. Don’t expect people to be like you. One this has been understood, life is easier. Each whisper can be harmful, each gossip brings more gossip and you start yourself participating in this culture of gossip. Gossiping becomes the norm. You find good gossips and bad gossips. The ones which could make you cry, others built on lies or so made up, unbelievable but repeated and over repeated.

Are these people real?

You will learn a lot about an individual and sometimes your own words will be spread. How strange to hear someone repeating the words you have used at one point?  You are not only watched by the system or company, your peers will carry on with the monitoring scheme. I am guilty too. I would say it’s good gossiping but what is good for one can be interpreting as bad by others. This is a culture of total control when it’s difficult to think or to have your own opinions. You will be labelled. Going with the fringe, you might be promoted, you can be one of the mob. I would say I don’t like to be watched. I do care however I won’t change who I am. I am an independent ( I like saying that, it’s my brand!). I am me and I won’t pretend. I don’t follow a trend, not a sheep of the herd neither. Thankfully, I still need to know why before acting. If the reason is not illegible or irrelevant I will refuse to act. Am I difficult? Noooo!  Just sensible! “Better to be known as a sinner than a hypocrite”. I found this quote on the Internet and kept it as it summarize the Self (Me). On the “sinner” part I might write on this one day.

I am still on the same page after a week : 1984 by George Orwell. I have been very studious!