My Phobia

​Grammarians, English language wardens I apologise…

A phobia is “an extreme fear or dislike of a particular thing or situation,especially one that cannot bereasonably explained”

Last week I was thinking about what I would write about. What I would share with the world or the few people willing to read my texts, my tribulations.

I came up with my phobia!
Coincidence: my colleague came 3 days after I have decided to write about it with a superb necklace, sparkly green,  so beautiful but so realistic.
I felt strange :  I was between admiration and fear. When the mind contradicts itself.
It was an amazing piece of jewellery. The red eye, magnifique!

I remember when I was little, they were everywhere specially climbing the trees or “sitting” on the house’s ceiling.
Anecdote : my cousins could have been accused of animal cruaulty. They use to rein them and making them carry bottles! It  was awful.

 They used to stare at me. I used to move as quicky I can to be far away; as far as I can.

During the summer they love sunbathing on bridges, like some humans : just getting the right tan before going back to work! I know it’s less futile. Apparently they lounged in the sun to keep warm and  looking fo Vitamin D, like us!

I gave you so many clues, you might have guessed.

I won’t name it right now! People who know me are laughing!
It seems silly! But I’m glad I didn’t pass this to my progenitors. Sometimes an entire familly can have the same fear, it’s not innate for sure acquired, learnt.

My hobby, when I was little : climbing trees. Dancing on trees, defying altitude and force, the higher the better. The highest to pick the last fruits, at the end of the season. 
They were hiding sometimes and would appear suddenly, the fall. Not it but me!  Laughable but painful.
We call them “zandoli” back home.
They can be green, brown, small, big.  They can be nocturnal or diurnal.

I am scared of lizards. I have said it! This inoffensive little creature, so cute for some but just vile for me. Writing this,  it’s as if I have overcomed my fear. It is as if…
I could  touch my colleague’s necklace, I would pick one by it tail and put it on my arm.
I could have one as a pet, wandering with it everywhere.
A few years ago I saw a girl with her pet lizard on the platform : I was on the opposite train. Luckily!
I could climb any tree and greet each one I meet. I could have a conversation with the one sunbathing on the bridges, talking about holidays and plan for next year.

I can appreciate the feelings of  people with phobias like: spiders, feet, socks, rats, dark, work, Mondays, Christmas, names, bridges, lifts, chickpeas, Z, etc.

I would be curious to hear Freud analysing my phobia. I could be Bertha, Emmy or Hans ( Freud’s patients). Olala! I think I am overexagerating.

Luckily where I am now I don’t see them very often except on TV sometimes or on my colleague’s neck.

And why not share your phobia in the comments?