Ebony Essence

Words unread, words written

In vain.

I scattered these letters,
Why didn’t you catch them?
They are still suspended, waiting.

Words written, words unread.
Lying on brown and dusty pages.
I sense a faint smell of inspiration,
Locked behind bars,

Letters, words, sentences,
Thrown in the air,
My hand are hesitating.
I stumble and stomp on assonances,
Stammered words, misunderstood.

Please catch these words,
The ink is not dry yet,
Pure and clear blue;
Words unread, words written.
I reveal my mind subtly

Nearly captured, nearly tinted.
*L’Afrique  is one of the allegorical statue in   in front of  Musée d’Orsey in Paris made by Eugène Delaplanche. You can admire 5 others representing the 5 others continents all created for 1878 l’Exposition Universelle.


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